Ant-Man: A Tiny Review

Marvel did it again.  Just when you think they may have a flop on their hands, they produce a giant winner in Ant-Man.  This is no small feat with their 12th consecutive #1 opening.  The movie was hilarious, much funnier than the forgettable Avengers:  Age of Ultron.  More laugh out loud moments than The Guardians of the Galaxy, in my humble opinion (hold my tongue, I know).  The dialogue was snappy, and the heist approach was fresh for a superhero flick.

The only bug spray I have to unload is the hero-villain setup.  Haven’t we been there done that in Iron Man 1 when Tony Stark had to defeat the crazed CEO of his company who had developed his own super suit?  Just saying…

Am I stomping on the ant hill or maybe just making a big deal over a tiny detail?

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