What is at Stake with Potential Iran Nuclear Deal

1. Is it a potential increase in stability for the Middle East or will it have a major destabilizing effect?

2. The deal proclaims an increase in international access and inspection of the Iran nuclear program will derail any potential weapons program.  How can they be certain?

3. It will end the major economic sanctions for the Iranian people, who by accounts, have been subjected to poverty.

4. May lead to a push for western democracy in Iran.

5. President Obama’s legacy:  finding a way to end harsh economic sanctions that were politically motivated.  Compare to Cuba situation.  These actions may be what he is remembered for long term, not universal healthcare in the United States.

6.  Will the United States alienate its chief allies in the region (Israel, Saudi Arabia)?

7.  The restoration of good relations with Russia / Putin after disagreements over Ukraine.

8. What will Israel do in response?  Operation Opera / Operation Babylon in June 1981 wasn’t that long ago.  Israel is the most threatened by Iran.  Why doesn’t Israel have a United Nations Security Council vote?

9.  The agreement has a “snap back” provision that would reintroduce the harsh sanctions in the event of noncompliance.

10.  Military intervention has not been taken off the table with the agreement.

11.  U.S. congress votes to ratify (or not) in September.

12.  Will this spark a new arms race in the region (Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Iraq)?

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